Women’s Wellbeing – Coaching and Therapy, Yoga and Meditation, West Sussex

Change, loss,trauma or grief

Recovery from surgery or emotional issues

Coaching and mentoring

Menopause and menstrual wellness

Quietness and time out with holistic therapies

Meditation, yoga and spirituality


Nalini’s down to earth, warm approach will put you instantly at ease, whilst her training, knowledge and experience give her an intuitive insight into what is needed to help you access your inner resources and initiate well-being.

Nalini offers heartfelt assistance and encouragement

She uses her extensive expertise in Women’s Well-being and life coaching, therapy and meditative practices to support her clients.  Whether you are struggling with health, emotional issues or needing some support or mentoring with moving your life in the right direction, Nalini will find the right blend for you.

She is an experienced group facilitator and runs regular groups, workshops and retreats. Teaching and sharing with a genuine sensitivity, passion and humour,  Nalini brings her intuition and compassion into her healing and therapy work.  Her own range of natural products, Nalini Natural Skincare, are incorporated into holistic sessions.

Time out of your schedule to relax is graciously accommodated with holistic therapies.

Healing and integration of scars including Caesarean birth, breast surgery and joint replacements through ScarWork

Regular yoga, meditation and yoga nidra classes.

Qualified in aromatherapy, holistic therapies, body listening and ScarWork.  Nalini is also a  women’s well-being life coach and mentor.   She is a certified  meditation, Yoga Nidra, women’s wellness yoga and ‘Dance of Awareness  teacher and holds regular groups, workshops and retreats.

Nalini is also a Kriya Yoga Kriyaban and a contact point for Ananda Europe for the meditation and teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.  Regular satsang, meditation and retreats in England.

Please contact her for further details.

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