Magic of Healing Herbs and Plants

Delighted to say that we had our first workshop last Saturday at Sedgwick Park House in Horsham and had a glorious time and glorious weather!  It was such fun to forage in Clare’s stunning gardens finding the plants we needed to make some great products with natural ingredients.  Everyone made an infused oil, some with St John’s Wort which is a great anti-inflammatory oil, others with lavender which is a multi-tasking oil good for all sorts of things.  We also made herbal tinctures, a healing balsam for cuts and wounds and a wonderfully nutritious face cream that smells like heaven!

Transforming calendula into an oil that is great for all skin problems, gentle enough to use for nappy rash too.

The gardens are so gorgeous as part of them are left to nature and are a little wild, just how I like them!  Easy to find what we needed in those parts of the garden for all our luscious products.  There are more cultivated gardens and some natural lakes and ancient woodland too – magical!   A great group attended and we have had some really positive feedback!  Seems everyone had a really enjoyable day and are inspired to get to it at home with their own products.

Next one is coming up on 30th September and we will be making some new products on this one using different plants.  I am over the moon to be able to be doing these workshops here in the UK.  After running them in Italy from my own garden there, I wasn’t sure they would continue here.  And then I met Clare!  Bless her for being so open to sharing her healing and magical space, and for coming on board with me to do these educational and fascinating workshops!  We had great fun working together and are looking forward to continuing doing stuff together.

If you have never been to Sedgwick Park House, put it on your to do list, it is so lovely there!

Well, I am off this Saturday after a full on day last Saturday, and about to go outside and pick my calendula flowers ready for infusing.  A cup of tea first though!

Love Nalini x

My garden isn’t quite as impressive as Clare’s but it is proof that even the most modest garden can be host to the plants used for making products.  Mine is full of wild flowers and herbs and all carefully guarded by Mr Tao Bennett, the cutie in black and white!

Dancemantra – Horsham Dance Collective

A lot of good feedback has come for the first event run by Prem yesterday ‘Let your Yoga Dance’ and it is great to know that so many of the participants enjoyed experimenting with dance and movement in this way, and also that the experience went deep too.

We are both really happy to be offering this service to our community, it really gives an invitation to open your heart and see what happens.

Conscious movement is a doorway into your inner being and the dance we are offering helps tap into ourselves in a deeper way by allowing the mind to rest and the body to do the talking.

We had a lot of fun too and are so looking forward to the events coming up over the next few months.  Thank you to everyone who came.

Dance Horsham

Delighted to say that our first Dancemantra dance event was held today in Horsham, led by Prem Kathryn Varley and attended by a great group of people.  It was a lovely space and so good to dance.  Conscious dance is such a freeing practice, a real retreat from the mind into the intelligence of the body, moving from the heart and soul.  We raised £220 for the charity Ourmala too.

The turnout today was good and it is so inspiring to be creating space in Horsham for people to move, dance, connect and open their hearts.  Thank you to Prem for her energy and idea in getting this together!

I am holding the space for our next event – “Move into Life” – a Dance of Awareness event, 20th August, see our dedicated FB page – Dancemantra for more details. If you have never tried this type of movement and dance before, come along and give it a try, many beginners came this weekend.. and really enjoyed it!   No formality involved!  Just space to move freely and do what you feel.  View the full calender here.

“Move into Life” – a Dance of Awareness event

20th August Lower Beeding Village Hall

10.30am – 12.30pm

Dance of Awareness is a free-flow approach to dance and movement and consciousness in which we are able to develop our connection to ourselves and the world around us. When we move and dance with awareness, we experience our authenticity, our heartfelt desires and release places where we may have become stuck in patterns of habit that no longer serve us. Feeling into the body and allowing the mind to rest brings us into our felt sense from where we can touch our innate wisdom and joy.

The Dance of Awareness cycle embraces our developmental years through a ‘wave’ of movement and energy, inviting us to move through old imprints into new ways of being. We dance to explore, express, release and connect, and to come home to ourselves

Please come and join us for our second event and let’s continue the journey of exploration, connection and openness together. It’s fun, it’s freeing, it’s relaxed. No special steps needed, just an open heart and curiousity.

Book with me directly 07432 404229 or go to fb Dancemantra.   If you would like more info before booking, please call.

New Mindful Meditation and Relaxation group for teens

TEEN WARRIORS – Quiet space in Horsham for meditation, mindfulness and relaxation for teenagers
Starting soon in Horsham, a weekly ‘quiet hour’ in which teens can unwind, relax and learn tools to ease stress and anxiety.
Mindful movement and meditation to reduce stress and increase confidence!
Fun and interactive as well as calming and stress-reducing
Kids and teens take to meditative practices like ducks to water. And the benefits for them in their lives not only help them deal with school and exam stress, it gives them a grounding in how to live and to promote a calm and focused future. Here are some of the reasons to practice:
• Increase self-confidence
• Develop mental clarity and creativity
• Relieves stress and anxiety
• Increases focus
• Decreases aggressive and/or impulsive behavior
• Expands self-awareness
• Improves quality of sleep
• Better decision-making
• Promotes correct breathing
• Helps with social skills
I have many years experience of meditation with my own practice and taught mindfulness and meditation to kids and teens during my years as a teacher at the Living Wisdom School where it was part of the programme for students. “Kids and teens easily pick up the practices and are enthusiastic and curious. It was always a pleasure to see the changes in them once they had been practicing a while.

Healing Plants Workshop at Sedgwick Park House


Healing Plants and Herbs – the joy of making natural products at home

Saturday 8th July 2017 – 10am – 5.30pm

Workshop held at Sedgwick Park House, a stunning location close to Horsham , come and immerse yourself in nature and learn how to prepare your own natural remedies from nature’s bounty including face and body oils and creams and healing tinctures.  And a nature walk in the magical gardens will show you how to forage for wild plants for culinary and health use.  You will go home with enthusiasm to start your own collection of products and with a handful of products that we’ll make on the day.  They are easy to make once you have the know-how and the products are wonderfully healing for body, mind and soul.  Don’t miss out on this workshop, the venue alone is worth the day out!

Nalini has a wealth of experience in cultivating and using herbs and plants for  health and well-being and you will learn loads of interesting stuff, not only how to make lotions and potions but also herbal teas, elderflower cordial and what a magnificent ‘weed’ nettle is and its myriad of uses!  Many tips for health including menopause, skin care and common ailments – all easily helped by plants and herbs that can be found in most gardens.  Clare, the owner of Sedgwick, will teach and share her knowledge of preparing tinctures from the amazing choice of plants she has in her beautiful garden.  You will also have the experience of walking a labyrinth, a healing and meditative journey that brings clarity and vision.

Please contact Nalini to book.  Call 07432 404229. Please see for more details on the venue.  £65 including all materials.  A £25 deposit is required to book your place, limited availability.

Spring Equinox Meditation Friday 24th March Horsham

Meditation and relaxation group, celebrating spring this week.

Spring is here!  And yes, it is still a bit chilly but oh so beautiful!  The flowers are blooming and there is that subtle haze of astral green on the trees as they yawn ready to wake up and enter into the flow of the season.  It is my favourite time of year… well, that said, I kinda love Autumn too…I just love all of the seasons to be honest!  The photo is the meadow at the bottom of the garden where I live, just had to spend an hour laying in the middle of all those daffodils the other day, complete with cat and cup of tea, perfect!  Did absolutely nothing for an hour, totally recommended!  

Sooo, thinking about the meditation group tomorrow evening, definitely a need to celebrate the arrival of this beautiful season, the new life promised, spring is the time of year to start really energising what we want to manifest this year!   There will be deep relaxation and some meditation as usual, along with a life-affirming ritual to acknowledge this magical time of year and light up our path as we go forwards.

This regular group has been running for almost a year and new comers are always welcome.  It is an hour to be really present with yourself and to touch that inner core of calmness that we all have.  The hour includes some movement and breathwork, deep relaxation and a period of meditation.  Space where we connect, share and laugh too.  Please feel free to come along or to get in touch if you would like to know more.  Contact me on 07432 404229 or

Many blessings for a season of love and light, sunshine and magic.

Nalini x


Spring Workshop “Relax, Reflect, Regenerate” Saturday 25th March

Upcoming Workshop

daffodil ‘Relax, Reflect, Regenerate’  (Total Therapy Studios, Horsham)

Saturday 25th March   2pm – 6pm

Afternoon spring workshop

Perfect for being really kind to yourself, and for those who would like to know more about meditation.

Light up your life with an afternoon workshop delving into the delicious energy of spring – renewal and  inspiration for body, mind and soul.  Pause on the path of life and see where you are heading . During this yummy, scrummy ‘you’ time,  you can learn gentle meditation techniques to unwind your body and mind, sink into some heavenly relaxation, and bring clarity and focus to your aspirations.

Includes an intro to mindfulness and meditation and how to easily make them part of daily life,  blissful relaxation, creativity and fun with ideas on manifesting your dreams, the power of gratitude, setting intentions and how to infuse your life with peace and positivity.  You will return home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, with lots of great tools to put into practice at home to keep you on track.

Retreat time is magic!  It’s deep, it’s fun, it’s bliss, it’s relaxing, it’s focusing, it’s calming,, it’s surprising, it’s nurturing, it’s ….. well, what more can I say!”

The retreat will also give you an insight to the regular Friday evening meditation and relaxation evening held in Horsham.