Holistic Therapies

Holistic Sessions

“I always feel so much better and more in touch with myself after a session with you”

Mind, body and spirit are inter-connected and all are of vital importance for optimum well-being. Holistic therapy takes into consideration the balance between all three in the pursuit of your health, happiness and harmony.

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Body Wisdom Therapy

With Body Psychology and Yoga Therapy Techniques 

The body holds the memory of all our experiences and by-passes the rational mind, leading to integration and healing.

These holistic sessions work to bring to light underlying causes that may be causing physical conditions, anxiety or unease in your life. The mind and talking therapies are often unable to resolve what is blocking us or causing unhappiness.  Consequently, experiences, trauma or beliefs suppressed by the mind can stand in the way of wellness.  However,  putting the body in charge of the process, release is initiated and new clarity, energy and wellness can flow into our lives, often resulting in deep healing and integration.

Can help with many issues including stress, anxiety, depression, nervous disorders, PTSD and trauma, exhaustion, shock, hyper-arousal, relationship problems, sleep disturbance, lack of confidence and self-esteem, and debilitating body tension.

Care is taken during these non-invasive sessions to ensure you feel comfortable and safe. We work together from a quiet space to access your body’s innate wisdom as to what needs your attention.   A feeling of lightness, peace and integration is usually experienced at the end of a session.  However, a series of sessions is recommended to allow time for trust to build and to get to the root of the issue.


ScarWork supports healing and functionality of wound, post operative and burn scars and the surrounding areas. 

Our scars tell a story of our lives and are part of us.  However, scars can leave us feeling uncomfortable, both from the appearance and the ongoing physical or emotional effects they can have.  ScarWork addresses these issues, often resulting in profound, restorative healing.

Healing and integration of scars through the techniques of ScarWork can help with any post-op or injury scars including joint replacement, mastectomy and breast surgery, open heart surgery, Caesarean birth, burns, whiplash, sports injuries, self-harm scarring, drain sites and skin grafts. 

Because the techniques work to soften and release adhesions and restrictions, this often results in improved mobility and appearance.  Therefore scars appear smoother, flatter and less prominent, often with profound functional changes.  Scars respond irrelevant of their age and the healing continues for a few weeks after a session.  Moreover, a feeling of overall integration of body and mind can result from ScarWork sessions.

It has been particularly touching for me to see the healing that can happen for women who have gone through the trauma of mastectomy.  ScarWork results in more freedom of movement and restores a sense of wholeness and well-being.  Working with women who have had Caesarean births, results include improved visual effects and a feeling of being reconnected from that cut in two feeling, with improved posture and well-being.

Scar Therapy can often be a catalyst to release emotional scarring which can happen as a result of the trauma of the original event.  This can bring a feeling of integration and increased well-being.


The art and science of plant-based essential oils for promoting physical and emotional healing

More than just a sensory delight, the benefits of aromatherapy can address a wide range of physical and emotional problems.  Aromatherapy is the professional application of plant-based essential oils into the bloodstream, often through massage, to effect healing and recovery, often with profound effects.

In addition, these therapeutic oils can be used topically, through creams and oils to treat specific injury sites or skin problem areas, or through the use of compresses, inhalation and therapeutic baths.  Nalini uses some of her own hand-made products bringing a unique touch to her sessions.

Aromatherapy can help a wide variety of conditions including stress, asthma, fibromyalgia, CFS, sleep disturbance, muscle tension, arthritis, skin disorders, anxiety and depression, inflammation and swelling, burns, menstrual and menopause challenges and pregnancy and after-pregnancy care and baby well-being.

A personalised blend of essential oils is mixed for you and can be purchased for continued home use as needed.

Restorative Energy Work

The non–invasive therapy for relaxation and restoration of body, mind and spirit.

Because healing sessions promote deep relaxation of both body and mind, they are a lovely treatment to receive when you are feeling low and depleted or if you want to take time out to rest and relax.  It is a particularly soothing and balancing therapy to receive.  It is very beneficial when you are feeling extremely tender and vulnerable, either physically or emotionally, and have a need for stillness and quiet.  The therapy for grief.  Gentle and restorative for the tender conditions of fibromyalgia and CFS.

Myofascial Bodywork

Often serious injury or invasive surgery can leave trauma in the body and psyche.  Myofascial unwinding addresses these consequences in a gentle and non-invasive way.

A light-touch therapy, myofascial unwinding and energy work aims to release restriction in the fascial web of the body, often resulting in profound healing.

Fascia is a type of 3D connective tissue that covers and protects bones, muscles, nerves and organs of the body. There is a layer of fascia directly under the skin and this continues deeper into the body. Often massage or manipulation are ineffective because the cause of the problem area lies in restriction of the fascial web. This results in the area being anchored by the fascia and it is unable to respond until the restriction is released.

The research into fascia in the last ten years has been extensive.  The knowledge gained has made a huge impact on treatment of injury and imbalance, working on both physical and emotional release.

It can help with whiplash, RSI and other injury.  ~It is also a non-invasive therapy used for working with physical restriction caused by emotional trauma.  Myofascial unwinding is often incorporated into ScarWork because it compliments the effects.

Bach Flower Remedies

“It is not the disease that matters, it is the patient” Dr Edward Bach

Edward Bach’s holistic system of natural flower remedies is used to treat the whole person.  It looks at the underlying causes of health and emotional problems as the cause for symptoms.  He was convinced that our physical well-being is directly linked to our way of being and thinking.  Consequently, it is at that level flower remedies are prescribed.  They are used for many things including headaches, anxiety, exam stress and anger issues. In addition, they help us through life transitions such as relocating, divorce, puberty and menopause.  Flower remedies can initiate deep healing in a gentle way, often with superb results.

Bach’s ‘Rescue Remedy’ is his most famous remedy.  However, there are 38 of these little gems within his flower therapy, each used for a different state of mind or outlook.  The effects are subtle and extremely profound.

The remedies are prescribed to you for home use after a consultation.


Body Wisdom Therapy – 75 minutes £65

ScarWork – 60 minutes £55

Other therapies – 45 minutes £43,  60 minutes £51,  90 minutes £70


Nalini  is also a highly skilled massage therapist and offers holistic and remedial massage.

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