Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra with Nalini

Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra

Bringing balance and calmness into our lives through the timeless practice of meditation

There is no aspect of life that cannot be supported and improved by meditation and mindfulness.

Supporting you with relationships, business, health, stress and anxiety and pain management as well as personal growth.

Simple yet profound techniques and practices you can learn and use in your daily life independently, anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

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For anyone who feels that stress and anxiety are an unavoidable fact of modern life, meditation reminds us that within each one of us is an inner core of peace that we can learn to access at will.  This ancient practice is becoming part of our culture and is being recommended by doctors, business managers, schools and hospitals to name a few, and offers positive and life-enhancing results on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Meditation leads us to the rediscovery of our innate nature of peace and equanimity.

“ This ancient technique, practiced by many spiritual paths, has something to teach us, whether we are spiritually inclined or not.  Regular practice benefits health and well-being, increases energy levels and brain power and helps us get a good night’s sleep as well as significantly reducing stress and anxiety”.

My own meditation practice over the years has given me tremendous support through challenging times and has put me in touch with a joy that goes beyond happiness.  Meditation is the practice that I come back to time and time again to maintain peace and balance.  It doesn’t remove difficult times but it does provide a way to get through them with integrity and to see the bigger picture.”

Meditation techniques are based on the yogic teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Yoga Nidra – the sublime art of relaxation and restoration

Yoga Nidra is a deeply restorative and integrative practice that takes us into the present moment which is the only moment we have.  And while it may look like you are just lying down and deeply relaxing, it goes deeper than that.  This is the practice where we really learn how to welcome and greet ourselves exactly as we are and one that can lead to deep healing on all levels.  Yoga Nidra provides tools for navigating life with a sense of calmness and peace, learning how to welcome and respond to whatever conditions arise, without the need to ‘fix’ anything.  With regular practice, we learn to live with a sense of ease that infiltrates into all areas of our lives.

A session of yoga nidra guides us through sensing the body as pure energy and includes breath awareness, sensing emotions and beliefs and guides us into an experience of joy and well-being.   This timeless practice originates from the highest teachings of yogic philosophy and leads us into our true state of omnipresence where we can truly experience lasting peace, joy and healing.

Shock, trauma, pain, stress and  anxiety impact the health of the nervous system and can lock us into a state of constant hyper-arousal that drains us of energy and enthusiasm.  Regular practice of Yoga Nidra works on restoring the health of the nervous system and calming down the anxiety response, bringing an increased sense of calmness and well-being back into our lives.  Yoga Nidra is also a recognised practice for effective pain management.  It will help you sleep well too.

How is Yoga Nidra Practiced in a Group Class?

Yoga Nidra is usually done lying down in a comfortable position (though a chair is also OK) and you are guided, just being open to listening to the guidance you receive.   You are guided into feelings and associations that give you a sense of comfort and well-being, creating a safe place inside which you can access both during the practice, and also in your daily life, as a centre of peace and refuge. We then move into the main practice, working with body and breath awareness and whatever else arises.  Our breath and mind quieten down and we fall into a deeper place of awareness and peace.  As we come out of the session, care is taken to ensure you leave feeling grounded and present. You will usually feel peaceful and relaxed and sleep well that evening.

One to One Sessions of Yoga Nidra

These sessions are a wonderful opportunity to work together, from a quiet space, to see what comes up for you and what is important for you to work with at this particular time.  By allowing quietness and taking our awareness inwards, whatever needs our attention can naturally surface and be welcomed in.  We learn the technique of allowing things to be as they are, not needing to fix or change anything, and how to step into being the witnessing presence of our lives.  We become present to what life has to tell us, and touch the base of inner peace and calmness that is our essential nature.  During a session, we work with the breath, meditative self-enquiry and through the wisdom of the body.  A sense of deep peace is usually experienced at the end of a session.

One to one sessions last an hour and cost £55.

 Meditation and Mindfulness for Kids and Teens

‘Teenspace’ –  Meditation for teens, enrollment now open for Horsham group Tuesdays 4pm

We are in an era of increased stress from challenging family situations, the education system and the technological age in which we live. Kids these days need something to help them navigate their lives into calmer waters and which gives them tools to live their lives with wisdom and clarity. Meditation and mindfulness provides the answer.

“I believe it is a necessity, not a luxury, to learn and incorporate meditative and mindfulness practices into everyday life. In a world that has become too stressful, kids turn to harmful activities including drugs, alcohol, eating disorders and self-harming to name a few and we have a responsibility to give them options leading them onto a path of well-being and self-esteem”.

Classes focus on using art and movement, as well as sitting with the breath, to engage them.  They are fun and interactive and give them a great base for dealing with life and all its changes and challenges.  Children take to meditative activity and breath work like ducks to water.

Please contact Nalini for further details.  Teaching privately for businesses and families